Neurodivergent Guide to Success (self paced program)

This course helps busy neurodivergent people have more success at work by understanding how their brain works.

Once you know what your brain needs, you will be able to change your environment to support you better. You will learn how to minimize the energy you spend on low-value tasks so that you are less exhausted at the end of the day.

Whether you have ADHD, ASD/autism, or Dyslexia you grew up in a world where you were told you should act like everyone else to fit in. Only you're not like everyone else, you are your own unique self and that is ok.

Learn to work with your brain not against it.

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Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Getting started, especially on boring tasks.

  • Helping others to the point where your own work suffers.

  • Getting overwhelmed by urgent tasks and not making progress on long-term strategic projects.

  • Failing to keep up with admin tasks.

  • Overcomplicating routine tasks.

  • Understanding the implicit 'rules of the game'.

  • Keeping emotions in check.

  • Managing interruptions.

Course Structure

Each lesson contains video lectures and workbooks to work through at your own pace. The workbooks ensure that you apply what you are learning because neurodivergent brains learn best by doing.


  • Goals for neurodivergent people so that you can focus on what's important, and stop feeling guilty about everything else.

  • Routines so that you can spend less time making everyday decisions.
  • Motivation so that you are able to start identifying the work that lights you up and get started on the other stuff.

  • Finishing projects so that your work can have impact in the world.

  • Boundaries so that you can take control of your time, energy and life by doing the things you want to do, not what other people want you to do.
  • Feedback so that you don't need to fear feedback, whether negative or positive.

  • Hard conversations so that you can talk about the things that matter to you, without fear.

  • Self-advocacy and next steps so that you can extend the support you're giving yourself by asking others for what you need.

Your Coach

Hello! I'm Anna Granta, coach for neurodivergent adults.

I am an ADHDer and dyslexic, which means that as well as formal training on neurodivergent conditions I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on. I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.

I understand how you think and experience the world, not just because I've read about it, but because that is how I experience the world too

To learn effectively you need two things

  1. To understand the reasoning behind strategies.
  2. Practical experience.

In the video lectures, I explain the 'why' behind the actions I suggest. The workbooks are your space to commit to and record your practice.


How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access to this course.

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered via bite-sized videos and workbooks which you can download and keep forever.

How long will it take to go through this course?

I recommend studying one module a week to best learn and retain the information. However, if you want to binge it all in one evening, then go back to bits as you need them, you can. It's yours and ultimately you know how you learn best.

What do people say about my teaching?

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking for guidance, understanding, and tools to help navigate living with ADHD."

"I found it very useful as a person going through a diagnosis, it gave me a wider insight as to how I can handle the challenges I face."

"great structural thoughts and workbooks to deal with issues that perenially come up :)"

Learn more on my website

8 Modules


Learn why goal setting is useful and how to do it well. 

Go from thinking "have I done it all?" to "have I made progress on the areas that matter?"


Do you love routines? Do you hate routines?

In this module, you will learn the purpose of routines so you can make your own choices about when to use them. Learn how to create routines that you can actually stick to.


In this module, you will uncover your natural motivators so that you can find and do tasks that are aligned with your interests. I will also explain plenty of other motivational techniques so you can get started with ease.


This module contains strategies for finishing projects up. Perfectionism is one of the big things that can hold neurodivergent people back from finishing, and as a leader, it will really slow you down. It’s not the only reason finishing is hard though and so we will cover several scenarios and, more importantly, what to do to get past them.


A lot of neurodivergent people are people pleasers, learning that it’s easier to give others what they want than to stand up for your own needs. In this module, you will learn to be comfortable saying both yes and no so that you are free to run your life and make your own choices.


Receiving feedback is extremely difficult for many of us. In this module, I will explain what good quality feedback is and how to give feedback. This is will empower you to identify when the feedback you are given is high quality. You will learn how to tell when feedback is likely to be accurate or not and how to respond appropriately to different types of feedback.

Hard Conversations

Difficult conversations are when parties disagree about something that matters to them. They are, by nature, difficult for anyone. Neurodivergent difficulties with reading social queues, processing big emotions, and structuring conversations can make these conversations even more difficult.

In this module, I give you a blueprint to follow in order to prepare yourself for difficult conversations so that you can be heard, listen, and work with the other party.

Self Advocacy and Next Steps

In the final module, I explain when and how to disclose your neurodiversity, how to advocate for yourself, and where to go next for future support.

Modules for this program 8
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