Empowering neurodivergent adults to have more success at work with less stress.

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Executive coaching program

Expert coaching for neurodivergent leaders. This program consists of 18 hours of one to one coaching over 9 months. You will dive deep into who you are as a leader, learn how to understand and communicate better with people of all neurotypes, and build a successful organization on a foundation of trust.

ADHD Guide to Success for ICs in tech

Identify, Educate, Integrate, and Celebrate your way to success as an individual contributor in tech.

One to one coaching program

This is my most popular coaching program. You get a one-to-one coaching session for each of the 12 topics in my ADHD coaching program plus lifetime access to the video teaching and workbooks.

Self-study ADHD course

Self-study means you have lifetime access to the video modules and workbooks that make up my ADHD coaching program. There is no coaching included in this course.

Learn to Relax

It can be hard to relax when you live in a world that is always on. Especially if have a nervous system which is constantly looking for the next new thing. However without relaxation creativity drains away and we risk burnout.

Grow your self compassion

Learn to see yourself as someone who deserves kindness. 
Learn to treat yourself with increasing self-compassion.

Become happier.

Turn your inner critic into a cheerleader

Retrain your inner critic to become your biggest cheerleader. Why should critical voices live rent-free in your head, undermining you?

Building Blocks for Great Accountability Partnerships

Discover The 3 Simple Building Blocks To Enjoy More Supportive Accountability Relationships so that you can Achieve Your Goals ... Starting Today!​

(Even if you’re fed up with failing in accountability partnerships or unable to keep a regular meeting time.)

ADHD Guide to sleep

Sleep is a challenge for many ADHDers because our background thoughts just don't switch off the way they are supposed to. This mini course will show you how to get a good night's sleep by quieting your mins chatter.

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