Turn your inner critic into a cheerleader

I'm guessing you are here because you are sick and tired of your inner critic. That voice that lives rent-free in your head, speaking to you in a way you would never speak to anyone else.

This course is for you if you

  • say things to yourself that you would never say to a friend
  • are fed up of settling for less than others get
  • know things can't continue as they are
  • are happy to pace your own learning (if not, then visit my website to learn about one-to-one coaching)

It's exhausting having a voice inside your head that is constantly undermining you, criticizing you, and generally getting in your way. Imagine what you could do if your inner voice was as supportive of you as you are of your friends.

Bright future

What would be possible if you

  • knew how to acknowledge your emotions without being overwhelmed by them
  • could spot when planning has turned in rumination, and do something about it
  • were more intune with your emotions
  • understood why you undermine yourself at work...
  • ... and what to do instead
  • had strategies for dealing with worry
  • were cheering yourself on instead of wearing yourself down

What you'll learn

In 'turn your inner critic into a cheerleader' you will learn: 

  1. self compassion, so that you can put your failures in perspective, speak kindly to yourself, and understand how to contain your emotions.
  2. what rumination is and how to stop it so that you are in control of thoughts and can choose to direct them in ways that are helpful to you.
  3. three ways that ADHDers undermine themselves at work and what to do instead so that you can see how you are currently sabotaging your success and become your own best cheerleader instead.

This course is made up of 45 mins of video, broken up into bite-size chunks so that you can go at your own pace. You also get 2 workbooks with reflection questions and a list of exercises so that you put what you learn into practice.

I can't wait to see what you'll do once you turn your inner critic into a cheerleader. I know you have brilliant ideas and I want you to succeed at turning them into reality with the help of your inner cheerleader.


How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access to this course.

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered via bite-sized videos and workbooks which you can download and keep forever.

How long will it take to go through this course?

I recommend studying one module a week to best learn and retain the information. However, if you want to binge it all in one evening, then go back to bits as you need them, you can. It's yours and ultimately you know how you learn best.

About Anna

Text reads

I am an ADHDer, which means that as well as formal training on ADHD I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on. I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.

I understand how you think and experience the world, not just because I've read about it, but because that is how I experience the world too.

To learn effectively ADHDers need two things:

  • To understand the reasoning behind strategies.
  • Practical experience.

In the video lectures, I explain the 'why' behind the actions I suggest. The workbooks are your space to commit to and record your practice.

What students say

Thanks Anna really good session. So glad it's part of a series

4 Modules

Grow Your Self Compassion

Do you have an inner critic who tells you that you don't deserve the same basic kindness that you show to friends and even strangers?

That critic is wrong and in this course, you are going to learn exactly what skills to practise in order to grow your self-compassion. You will learn why self-compassion is hard for many ADHDers and why practising the skills I describe will lead to you growing in self-compassion.

You will teach your inner critic to see yourself as someone who deserves kindness. 

You will learn to treat yourself with increasing self-compassion so that your inner critic becomes an inner cheerleader.


One of the big ways that our ADHD brain can undermine us is by ruminating on a past embarrassment or failing. Do you know the feeling when something negative is going around and around your head, stuck on a loop? It's exhausting and it's certainly not something an inner cheerleader should be doing.

In this module and accompanying workbook, you'll learn what rumination is, why it's a problem and how you can stop it.

As a bonus, I will teach you strategies for handling worries so that you can let go of thoughts that aren't serving you to reclaim your brain as the cheerleader you deserve.

Emotional Regulation

Many neurodivergent people have 'big fast feelings' which can feed your inner critic. In this module you'll learn why you may experience intense emotions and what you can do about it.

Three ways ADHDers undermine themselves at work and what to do instead

Now you have a good general understanding of the ways that negative behaviour patterns can emerge and how to address them. Your inner critic is well on it's way to becoming a cheerleader.

However, you've had your ADHD brain for a long time and in that time you've developed coping strategies. Some of those strategies are helpful today and some of them are undermining you. In this final module I will explain three ways that I see ADHDer undermining themselves at work.

- Do you take on extra work and not get credit for it?

- Are you constantly stuck in firefighting mode?

- Do you get accused of reinventing the wheel, or feel that there are probably quicker ways of doing tasks?

I've watched these patterns play out time and time again in my life and my clients lives. The good news is that with a small shift in behaviour you can stop undermining yourself and start setting yourself up for success.

I will explain why you fall into these traps and what positive behaviours you should replace them with, in order to experience much greater success at work without the frustration that can lead to burnout.

Modules for this program 4
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