One to one coaching program

Are you ready to feel more in control of your work and everyday life? Ready to feel happier and less stressed?

My most popular ADHD coaching program helps you focus on what's important to you and regain control of your life. Together we'll explore twelve topics designed to give you better insight into your ADHD and create positive change in your daily life.

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What you'll get

You'll be well supported as you learn through:

  • 12 hours of live, 1-to-1 coaching

  • 12 workbooks for independent study

  • lifetime access to 12 video modules to revisit as often as you need

Twelve powerful topics

  • Goals, so that you can focus on what's important, and stop feeling guilty about everything else.

  • Routines, so that you can spend less time making everyday decisions.

  • Values, so that you can cut through what other people think you should be doing and find out what you really feel good about doing.

  • Time Management, so that you can regain control of your time and make time for the things that matter.

  • Self Compassion, so that you can understand you deserve kindness and respect and learn how to treat yourself as you deserve.

  • Motivation, so that you are able to start identifying the work that lights you up and get started on the other stuff.

  • Finishing, so that your work can have an impact on the world.

  • Boundaries, so that you can take control of your time, energy, and life by doing the things you want to do, not what other people want you to do.

  • Rumination, so that you can unstick your thoughts and gently move on from harmful thought patterns.

  • Feedback, so that you don't need to fear feedback, whether negative or positive.

  • Hard Conversations, so that you can talk about the things that matter to you, without fear.

  • Self Advocacy and Next Steps, so that you can extend the support you're giving yourself by asking others for what you need.

About your coach

Text reads

I am an ADHDer, which means that as well as formal training on ADHD I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on. I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.

I understand how you think and experience the world, not just because I've read about it, but because that is how I experience the world too.

To learn effectively ADHDers need two things:

  • To understand the reasoning behind strategies.
  • Practical experience.

In the video lectures, I explain the 'why' behind the actions I suggest. During our coaching time we will make a plan for you to apply what you are learning to your life. The workbooks are your space to commit to and record your practice.

What students say

I'm feeling sharper, more capable and confident


I highly recommend working with Anna to gain a deep understanding your adhd and/or autism as well as quick wins and a longer-term strategy for personal and professional comfort.


12 Modules


Learn why goal setting is useful and how to do it well. 

Go from thinking "have I done it all?" to "have I made progress on the areas that matter?"


Do you love routines? Do you hate routines? Or do you both love and hate them? Neurodivergent people tend to have strong feelings about routine, whether positive or negative. In this module, you will learn what the point of routines is so you can make your own choices about when to use them and when not to. You will do an audit of your existing routines to find out which ones are serving you and which you no longer want. Lastly, we’ll go through how to create routines that you can actually stick to.

Time Management

Learn to manage your time so that you can regain control of your time and make time for the things that matter. Because your time is precious, limited, and it belongs to you!


In this module, you will uncover your natural motivators so that you can find and do tasks that are aligned with your interests. I will also explain plenty of other motivational techniques so you can get started with ease.


You've learned how to get started, this module contains strategies for finishing projects up. Perfectionism is one of the big things that can hold neurodivergent people back from finishing. It’s not the only reason finishing is hard though and so we will cover several scenarios and, more importantly, what to do to get past them.


A lot of neurodivergent people are people pleasers, learning that it’s easier to give others what they want than to stand up for your own needs. In this module, you will learn to be comfortable saying both yes and no so that you are free to run your life and make your own choices.


One of the big ways that our ADHD brain can undermine us is by ruminating on a past embarrassment or failing. Do you know the feeling when something negative is going around and around your head, stuck on a loop? It's exhausting and it's certainly not something an inner cheerleader should be doing.

In this module and accompanying workbook, you'll learn what rumination is, why it's a problem and how you can stop it.

As a bonus, I will teach you strategies for handling worries so that you can let go of thoughts that aren't serving you to reclaim your brain as the cheerleader you deserve.


Receiving feedback is extremely difficult for many of us. In this module, I will explain what good quality feedback is and how to give feedback. This is will empower you to identify when the feedback you are given is high quality. You will learn how to tell when feedback is likely to be accurate or not and how to respond appropriately to different types of feedback.

Hard Conversations

Difficult conversations are when parties disagree about something that matters to them. They are, by nature, difficult for anyone. Neurodivergent difficulties with reading social queues, processing big emotions, and structuring conversations can make these conversations even more difficult.

In this module, I give you a blueprint to follow in order to prepare yourself for difficult conversations so that you can be heard, listen, and work with the other party.

Communication Styles

Identify your preferred communication styles so that you can effectively advocate for yourself and resolve issues caused by conflicting communication styles within your team.

Modules for this program 12
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