Learn to Relax

It can be hard to relax when you live in a world that is always on. Especially if have a nervous system which is constantly looking for the next new thing. However without relaxation creativity drains away and we risk burnout.

In this course you will learn how to 

  • Strengthen your Mind Body connection in order to learn what activities you find relaxing.
  • Hack your Vagus Nerve in order to quickly enter a relaxed and sociable state where you can learn effectively.
  • Regulate your emotions for a more relaxed life and better relationships.


"you are solution-oriented and encourage us to find our own, personally suitable solutions (no one-size fits all)"

"learning about self-care can be utterly life changing for both yourself and for others, it really makes the world a better place by spreading compassion and it's helped me enormously"

"you are in good capable hands"

2 Modules

Quick start

You might not have time today to do the deep work you know you need. That's ok. Start where you are with this ebook of 12 easy tips.

As you take action, your stress will reduce, so you'll have more energy to keep looking after yourself, creating a positive feedback loop.

Modules for this program 2
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