Grow your self compassion

Are you ready to learn how to be kinder to yourself?

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This self compassion mini-course is for you if you

  • often felt like the outsider growing up

  • were taught that your needs don't matter

  • spend more time and energy worrying about other peoples needs than meeting your own

  • are curious about neurodivergence and relate to others with ADHD, ASD/autism, dyslexia, or dyspraxia

  • are self or professionally diagnosed with one or more of ADHD, ASD/autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or dyspraxia

Many Neurodivergent people grow up hearing a lot of negative messages about themselves. That can lead to difficulty understanding and accepting our needs and to negative self-talk.

In this course, you will learn the reasoning behind exercises that boost your self compassion. When you understand the why, you're much more likely to take action.

What you'll get

You'll receive:

  • A workbook of exercises

  • a free bonus meditation developed especially for neurodivergent people

About Anna

Text reads

I am an ADHDer, which means that as well as formal training on ADHD I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on. I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.

I understand how you think and experience the world, not just because I've read about it, but because that is how I experience the world too.

To learn effectively ADHDers need two things:

  • To understand the reasoning behind strategies.
  • Practical experience.

In the video lectures, I explain the 'why' behind the actions I suggest.  The workbooks are your space to commit to and record your practice.

What students say

[I feel] more on track; happier with myself.


[Now I'm feeling] really positive for the future, and with big hopes for a rewarding career


2 Modules

Grow Your Self Compassion

Learn to see yourself as someone who deserves kindness. 
Learn to treat yourself with increasing self-compassion.

Walking Meditation

Switching between activities and emotional states can take a lot longer when you are neurodivergent.

Have you ever been upset or angry about something that stays with you all day? Maybe it affects your sleep. Maybe you wake up the next day and you're still thinking about it.

​As you practice this type of mediation, you increase your ability to switch your focus, transition between activities, self-regulate, and experience joy in the present moment.

Modules for this program 2
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