Building Blocks for Great Accountability Partnerships

Discover The 3 Simple Building Blocks To Enjoy More Supportive Accountability Relationships so that you can Achieve Your Goals ... Starting Today!​

(Even if you’re fed up with failing in accountability partnerships or unable to keep a regular meeting time.)

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Whether your goal is daily yoga practice, a big promotion, or cooking fresh meals, a good accountability partnership can help you get there.

Yoga, new job, cooking

I'm sure you've heard that accountability partnerships are a great way to stay on track and get things done. You may have tried it yourself.

Perhaps it worked great for a while until eventually, you missed a couple of sessions. Now you feel bad about letting your partner down, so you avoid them ... and miss a few more sessions. Before you know it, your partner is ignoring you and you feel like a failure once again.

If that happened to you, please know that it wasn't your fault. People with ADHD are always going to struggle to consistently show up. Traditional accountability relationships rely on your people-pleasing nature to dial up the pressure to perform consistently. That can work for a while but it comes at a cost. Eventually, the cost is too great and you check out of the relationship.

There is another way.

Accountability without judgment.

That might sound weird to you if you are used to the idea that accountability only works when you feel bad about not doing the thing. Hold on while I explain.

You want to achieve your goals. (If you don't, please revisit your goals - you are an adult and you get to choose where you take your life.) Achieving your goals is rewarding in itself. However, it's easy to lose sight of that when you are trudging through the details.

A great accountability partner can remind you of what you want to achieve and use that to motivate you, without judgment, guilt, or shame. As a coach, this is second nature to me and now I want to teach you those same skills.

Motivation, you can do it, positive vibes

Don't take my word for it. This is what my clients say about me

  •  "compassionate, patient, move at a pace that works for the individual, non-judgmental,"
  • ​"Validating, affirming, rewarding."
  • "supportive and kind"
  • "kind, a great listener, and also just firm enough to keep you on track"

How would it feel to have people say that about you? Or to connect with another ADHDer who also needs accountability and to support each other with the skills I'm going to show you?

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